I’m Julie Devi Coats

I'm into science visualization & communication

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Hey there! I'm Julie. I'm a medical illustrator and community advocate. I believe a more sustainable, healthier, and more empathetic future is possible, and hope to improve global and public health  by: engaging audiences with data-driven science visualizations, participating with grassroots initiatives to uplift the well-being of communities, and doing my darndest to sit still long enough to appreciate the little things.

Please explore my site, click lots of things, and reach out to me with questions. I'd love to hear from you. 



Science Visualization

I have roughly a decade's worth of medical illustration under my belt.

Let's start a project or two on global and community health!


Science Communication

There are all sorts of science communication challenges, and I'm most interested in finding solutions through coordination, research, and community engagement.

Business Meeting

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