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Science Communication

In addition to visualization, I embrace many methods of communication in order to represent science and find compassionate solutions. I have broad communication interests and love working with teams across disciplines. 

Please reach out if you see an opportunity for us to coordinate.

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Project Coordination

Collaborative organizations gain efficiency with adequate support. This includes: team and resource coordination, grant writing, data management, and more. 

​I love working with diverse teams and being surrounded by science, community, and innovative ideas. I look forward to supporting your incredible organization as it betters the world.



Science communicators of all stripes are constantly confronted with challenges in accurately conveying complex messages, but rarely get to know if they've made a meaningful impact. 

As a professional network, we can gain valuable insight from research on how cognitive and educational psychology translate to scientific communication. Moreover, the recipients of our work will have a more enriched experience.

I'd love to participate in new research in this growing field.

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Community Engagement & Science-Informed Policy

Entire communities benefit when leaders receive accurate scientific knowledge and implement that into policy.

Reach out to me if you'd like to discuss this as part of your community engagement efforts.

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