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Hey there. How are you? Life is a little crazy for all of us right now, and I hope you're getting the support you need and that you're doing okay.

Sometimes I lose sight of the positive things and focus on how angry I am. Livid, truly. Instead of dark clouds of ominous cool-colored lividity, I have quite literally been surrounded by hellish orange skies - a culminating result of the western wildfires, fog, and some physics of light bouncing around. Grumble grumble grumble.

For this moment, I'll focus on the good. The courageous.

  • I got my copy of "All we can save" and am so grateful for the humanity of it all.

  • I'm reading my copy over glasses of wine from new neighbors who've been so welcoming.

  • Oh yeah, managed to move cross-country during a pandemic with 4 pets and husband in tow. We all made it here safely and with our sanity (barely) in tact. Yay!

  • Conferences have gone online and are talking about pressing issues in climate/pandemic resilience and inclusion.

  • I'm lucky to work with incredible organizations like ONETrack International and Acterra, who are making the world a better place for those who are most vulnerable. I'll follow up with events for them soon!

  • Remember those pets? They've generously tried to share their rear-ends on every online meeting possible.

  • I passed a really big test. More on that later.

  • Last but no least, it's almost Halloween, my favorite time of year. I'll be gazing at the blue moon and grabbing some of my favorite chocolates for my neighbor's kid. What are you doing differently this year?

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